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Key Points
Covers your assets and extends your tops

Extends Top
Covers Muffin Top/and Bellies
Covers  Plumbers Butt
Adds a splash of colour without the layer
Perfect Bandeau/short boob tube

Our Hip-Wrap is a great idea - so simple, so easy, pull it on and gain instant confidence...
No More Muffin Top...
So Comfy... and they are meant to be!
Our Hip-Wrap is custom made in breathable cotton/spandex so perfect for summer and will not be hot or sticky!
It is approx 25cms high and a comfy single or double layer of cotton fabric depending on style selected – more hold with our luxury double layered Hip Wrap....
PERFECT if you want a splash of colour when you would not want to wear an entire top in that colour

Available in 2 Styles
Standard Single Layer Hip Wrap
Luxury Double Layered Hip Wrap